Almost as immediately as news broke that a reboot of The L Word was finally, actually happening, it reignited the conversation about how the series could “atone for the sins” of its past. Among them: its treatment of transgender and bisexual individuals, class, and race. Thankfully, the cast of The L Word: Generation Q is devoid of cis actors playing characters who are trans. But there is still plenty of sex, and the show’s interpersonal intimacies still drive it. Which is why these recaps will take the form of snippets of Alice’s legendary OurChart, tracking how each of their storylines intersect. And not just sexually—no offense, Alice. Here are the relationships that defined episode 4. Bette kicks off the episode with a sweet, illicit round of breakfast in bed with Felicity, who’s waxing poetic about how she would have written about Bette if she knew her at Howard. Suddenly, she asks Bette what she wants, bringing their vacation from reality to an abrupt end.

The L Word’s Katherine Moennig realised she was a lesbian while working on the show

Tina reveals that she is pregnant again as she begins dating heiress Helena and Bette’s life spins out of control; Shane and Jenny each begin dating sexy deejay Carmen and discover that their roommate Mark is secretly videotaping them for a documentary project; Kit buys The Planet and takes over as proprietor; Alice and Dana begin dating but conceal the relationship at first. In episode , the second season premiere, Tina rebuffs Bette’s attempts at reconciliation while Jenny prepares for an emotional farewell with Tim.

In episode , Tina hires a famous lawyer to represent her in the split with Bette; Jenny has a serious heart-to-heart with Robin; Kit’s purchase of The Planet is finalized. In episode , Kit preps The Planet for its grand reopening. Shane becomes Jenny’s new roommate and Bette’s emotional tailspin continues. In episode , Jenny and Shane search for a third roommate and choose Mark, a straight boy very intrigued by the lesbian lifestyle, while Kit becomes attracted to a motivational self-help guru.

Katherine Moanning (Shane) + Sarah Shahi (Carmen) in The L Word The Lesbian dating site dedicated to helping lesbian and bisexual females find dates,​.

On first dates, at gay book clubs, when meeting new colleagues — in pretty much any situation where you, an awkward lesbian, are trying to reach across the void and connect with someone else who has lesbianism, if not awkwardness, in common — The L Word is an easy bet. This is the only show, after all, to have ever focused so completely on lesbianism, to the extent that the world it created, made up of seemingly infinite queer women and, like, two men, was downright fantastical.

Though some, particularly The Bisexual , deserve to! L Word creator Ilene Chaiken had floated the possibility of a revival for years. It feels like maybe it should come back. And why not? This would be a chance for the series to atone for some of its past sins, including its crappy attitudes toward trans and bi people , the dearth of butch characters and characters of color, and its increasingly off-the-rails plotlines.

I, for one, would welcome it. Hers is the chaotic energy we need right now!!

“The L Word: Generation Q” Is Trying To Atone For The Original’s Sins

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Is Jacqueline Toboni from ‘L Word: Generation Q’ married, single, taken? Is Finley Trying to Be the Shane of ‘Generation Q’? pictured in New York and in Jacqueline’s native San Francisco since they started dating in April.

She is played by American actress Leisha Hailey. She was listed in AfterEllen. Alice is a journalist for LA Magazine. Among her group of lesbian friends, she is the only self-proclaimed bisexual. Her bisexual mother Lenore is an actress, and the only one in the family who accepts Alice’s sexuality. Alice is estranged from her two siblings, who disapprove of bisexuality , as well as her father, whom she simply describes as “distant”.

Alice is obsessed with The Chart , a recompilation of all the relationships and one-night stands which she knows of, and how this network of affairs is linked to her. Alice strongly believes everyone is sleeping with everyone else , and her chart is the most valuable evidence supporting her theory. Alice briefly dates a transwoman, Lisa.

How ‘The L Word’ revival looks in 2019: Trans lesbians, dating apps and post-Trump reality

LGB TEASE The fifth season opens with Shane derailing plans to move in with Paige, then suffering the consequences, while Jenny returns from a Mexican vacation with a billionaire movie financier in tow; Phyllis has sudden doubts about the exclusivity of her romance with Joyce; Helena gets tossed into jail for ripping off Catherine and Bette’s welcome-home gesture to Jodi backfires.

Tina’s obvious, lingering affection for Bette affects her dating prospects; Shane’s last-minute gig styling hair at a wedding results in a comic series of erotic encounters; Tasha reveals her reason for not shipping out to Iraq: she’s being investigated for “homosexual conduct. The production of “Lez Girls” finally begins and director Jenny deals with all the usual headaches of filmmaking — including a recalcitrant star and lover, Nikki; Bette and Tina struggle with their rekindled feelings; the owners of SheBar take their war against the gang to the next level.

First met: Dating before the show begins (4 years), Jenny moves to LA to live After an “experiment” done by Bette, Tina, Shane and Alice, Lara kisses Dana in​.

In the first episode, she shows up wearing a tiny leather vest and some string. No one in the history of clothes has ever dressed like this on purpose. Even when they weren’t wearing shower curtains or beige plastic, the cast were strutting about in mirrored sunglasses, paisley bandanas, and cheesecloth shirts with birds embroidered on them why, Tina, why. They deserved better. OK, they live next door to each other, but they have nothing in common.

Shane is an unwashed, womanising waif and “Tibette” are basically the Zuckerbergs of the LA lesbian set. If they found her in their house IRL they would have her arrested.

Shane McCutcheon

Jump to navigation. Photo Credit: Showtime. For those who are new to The L Word universe, here are the most essential episodes to watch to prep for Generation Q. The entire first season of The L Word only requires a quick skim. Though the season I sets up a lot of backstory, it also prioritizes extremely frustrating storylines.

‘The L Word: Generation Q’: Showtime Renews Sequel Series For Second Porter (Jennifer Beals), Shane McCutcheon (Katherine Moennig) and Alice and professor Micah are finding their footing in the L.A. dating scene.

The L Word: Generation Q is back in full force and we don’t even know where to start when it comes to unpacking the reboot of the iconic show. While we are enjoying the where-are-they-now aspect surrounding the story arcs of Bette Porter, Alice Pieczeki, and Shane McCutcheon, we’re frankly not yet obsessed with any of the younger cast, ‘s titular “Generation Q. To debrief, we’re basically following roommates living in one Koreatown apartment: Dani and Sophie, who just got engaged Dani works for Bette’s mayoral campaign and Sophie works at Alice’s talk show , Micah Lee , a super earnest transmasc professor and Sarah Finley, who goes by Finley, and is something of the Shane foil.

We don’t yet know more about her character other than the fact that she jumps at the opportunity to squat at Shane’s oversized mansion and is the kind of lesbian who can build furniture in her sleep. Keep reading for everything else you need to know about Finley, and the actress who plays her. Plus, is Jacqueline Toboni married, single, or taken? The year-old played Theresa Rubel on Grimm for three years until , then went on to play the lesbian character of Jo in the TV series Easy.

Many think that role primed her to be tapped on the shoulder for The L Word: Generation Q , and hey, anything is possible. In terms of next projects, it seems like Jacqueline will be acting in three upcoming movies: The Stand at Paxton County , Moon Lane , and Liked , where she’ll play Kelly. While we can confirm that the two beauties have been appearing on each other’s social media pages more and more frequently, it seems like early days in their relationship — and like they haven’t popped any questions or gotten down on knees just yet.

They are, however, showing up to premieres together in fabulous Lesbian Powersuit getup, and we are here for the sartorial style. Follow jtoboni for an inside scoop into Jacqueline’s life, including some snaps of Kassandra, and many behind-the-scenes shots of The L Word: Generation Q. View this post on Instagram.

The L Word!

Watch the video. Shane tries to dull her pain by a day at a health spa with Veronica in the hopes that she can forget about Carmen and Jenny’s blossoming relationship. Later, Shane gets stoned in which she gets beaten up, and is rescued by Mark. Meanwhile, Tina comes between Helena and her ex lover, Winnie Mann, over custody of their two young children. Bette also sees a glimmer of hope in her life when she meets Leo Herrera, the California Art Center’s new sponsor, and word gets around of her single status.

Jenny continues writing her novel for Charlotte’s writing class and comes into issues with her classmate Hunter.

Dana Fairbanks was a professional tennis player and a main character of The L Word. She ultimately started dating her. As the tension between Alice and Tonya increased, Alice’s friend Shane McCutcheon noticed what really was going.

It’s been 10 years since viewers said goodbye to the powerhouse women of The L Word , but fans will soon get an update on the lives of Bette Porter, Shane McCutcheon and Alice Pieszecki when the Showtime original series returns with its reboot, Generation Q , on Sunday. The L Word was groundbreaking in its original format which followed a troupe of LGBTQ characters’ lives, careers, romances, ups and downs and everything in between from to The sequel to the series aims to continue breaking the mold for the LGBTQ community by exploring ideals of otherness and love while challenging societal perceptions and norms through the stories of Bette, Shane, Alice and a few new faces.

While the many new storylines will reveal what the beloved characters of the show have been up to since going off-air, it’s worth noting the women behind the original characters have been keeping busy too. Take a look at everything the original cast has been up to since The L Word ended. The series lead will be back to reprise her role as art gallery curator—and eventually, gallery owner—except now Bette has her eyes of something even bigger than the latest art phenomenon.

She’s running for Los Angeles mayor as the first openly gay woman candidate, in addition to raising a teenage daughter. While Bette’s clearly been booked and busy, Beals hasn’t been sitting around watching the clock tick these past 10 years, either. Be prepared to see more of the fast-talking hair stylist’s antics, although, hopefully, Shane’s a bit more settled than where the series last left her.

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Now that the show is back, 10 years after its original six-season run ended, the nationwide legality of gay marriage means much easier access to stories about engagements, weddings and divorces. Back in the s, for instance, the transgender character Max was depicted as miserable and an object of ridicule. Happily, the new showrunner, Marja-Lewis Ryan, is sticking with the common-sense-defying soap opera antics that made the original series a love-hate phenomenon that fans derided while obsessing over it.

The three returning cast members start off in fairly exalted positions, having spent their decade away from our screens working their way up the social ladder. The power lesbian Bette Jennifer Beals is campaigning to become the first female and first gay mayor of Los Angeles after heading its department of cultural affairs. She has sole custody of her daughter, Angelica Jordan Hull , now a headstrong teenager, and she hates anything having to do with opioids for reasons that are sure to be painfully personal.

For those who are new to “The L Word” universe. baffled little midwestern girl who can’t understand whyall these women are dating each other. Jenny and Shane bond as friends in this season: There’s a visually impactful.

If, like me, you’ve been gobbling up news of The L Word: Generation Q reboot since you heard it was happening, then it’s likely you’ll also be obsessed with Katherine Moennig. Kate has played Shane McCutcheon on the show since it began 15 years ago. And anyone who’s watched The L Word will tell you Shane was an iconic character. That shit did not exist.

Kate told Ru and Michelle that she’d dated guys before working on the show, and that she was able to “appreciate their beauty”. It was just dreamy to speak with these two on whatsthetee podcast. Forever grateful they found the secret to pronounce my last name. But she’d ask herself why she just didn’t care about them and their relationships.

She then said it wasn’t until she got The L Word gig that she really figured it out. Kate explained the show was the first time she’d been in an environment where sexuality and identity were so openly discussed. Never in my life,” she said. Type keyword s to search.

Dana Fairbanks

Airing on Showtime from , The L Word definitely had some soaring highs and soul-crushing lows. However, there is no denying the show made great strides in telling stories generally not seen on TV at that point in time. The series followed a group of lesbian friends struggling to survive life and love in Los Angeles, California. While the show gave fans some truly epic romances, there were also quite a few that were difficult to get behind.

When The L Word was first shown on Showtime, back in , everybody slowly fell in love with Shane McCutcheon. Gay girls and Straight girls alike. ‘ I’d go.

Are you as deeply disturbed as me and ship Jenny and Shane together? Lez me know in the comments and maybe we can see a therapist together. It seems like I offend people left and right with my unwavering unpopular opinions, including, but not limited to, ghosting is totally okay, a dinner bill should never be split , and Blue Is The Warmest Colour is a lesbian masterpiece. I get it, I get it, you guys disagree with me. Nay, they were perfect together.

Dare I even say they were soulmates. We ship Shane and Jenny together.

Alice finds out about Shane and Jenny. Funny! Season 6

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